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January 21, 2021  

Robin Lund on player assessments, developing motor learning plans, and blending the art and science of coaching.

Born in Northern Alberta, Canada in an area where there is very little baseball, his parents let him move to Lewiston, ID when he was in the 9th grade and live with a host family and play high school baseball. He then played at Spokane Falls Community College and  Whitworth University
After playing he coached at Spokane Falls CC for 4 years working with hitters and outfielders and  also serving as the S&C coach. During that time, he got His Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University. Robin then got out of coaching and pursued a PhD and While working on it, he was Ed Cheff’s S&C coach at Lewis Clark State College. Robin completed his degree in 2002 and landed a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Kinesiology in cedar falls Iowa. After 18 years, he got back into coaching and became the volunteer assistant for the University of Northern Iowa softball team in the Fall of 2018 and then in January of 2019 he took a job at the university of Iowa,  where he started as the hitting coach and then became the pitching coach in the Fall of 2020.
On the show, we go over player assessments, developing motor learning plans, and blending the art and science of coaching.
Time stamps
3:50 - Player Assessments
16:00- Blending art and science of coaching
18:30- Motor Learning Plans for pitchers
25:27- Motor learning plans for hitters
33:30- Using in game data for pitchers
37:00- Using in game data for hitters
43:30- Gameplanning
45:00- Pre-pitch routines
46:45- Post Game reports
50:30- Simplifying data
55:30- Quick Hitters
Motus Sleeve
Trent Otis
Google sheets/Pivot tables
Functional Movement Screen
Frans Bosch
January 14, 2021  

Lance Zawadzki on the lower half function in the swing, training adjustability and using technology efficiently

Today we have on Lance Zawadski, Minor League hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox. Lance played at San Diego State University and Lee University. He also played for 6 different organization and indy ball before getting into coaching.
On the show we talk about the lower half function in the swing,  training adjustability in the swing and using technology efficiently
Time Stamps
2:30- Player Evaluation.
10:48- Exploring the lower half.
13:00- Environment/Adjustability.
19:50- Training vs preparation
28:00- Lower half adjustability
35:00- Bill Belichick on technology and Technology best practices
46:30 Gameplanning
51:30- Resources
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January 7, 2021  

Keith Law on scouting, developing talent, and preventing cognitive bias

On todays show
Keith is currently a senior baseball writer for the Athletic. He previously wrote for ESPN.com and ESPN Scouts, Inc. and for Baseball Prospectus. Keith also worked in the front office for the Toronto Blue Jays from 2002-2006.
On the show, we discuss scouting and its role in player development which includes a discussion on what traits can be taught, and what cant. Then we take a deep dive into analytics and what Keith thinks could be the most impactful information for the next decade.
Time Stamps
2:30- How Keith started in baseball
8:30- Analytics
11:30- Future Trends
25:30- Scouting
34:30 cognitive Biases
40:00 Traits that we can develop and traits that are innate
47:35- Acquiring players with traits you can develop
53:00- Resources
55:30- Last Things
Thinking Fast and Slow- Tversky and Kahneman
Inside Game- Keith Law
Smart Baseball- Keith Law
Whistling Vivaldi- Steele
Biased- Eberhardt
December 31, 2020  

Geoff Rottmayer and Darrell Coulter on individualized player development plans and in-game strategy

Today we have on the Athletic Mission Baseball Academy staff Geoff Rottmayer and Darrell Coulter. AMBA is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and specializes in helping two way baseball players develop a strategic advantage mindset so they can deliver on game day.
Geoff is the owner of AMBA, was Drafted by the Florida Marlins out of High School 2003 but went on to sign at Seminole State College 2003 and later Florida Gulf Coast University 2004. He has 15+ years of coaching and mentoring hundred of player through the college recruiting and pre-draft and draft process and is the Creator of “The Command Hitting System”
Darrell signed with the Philadelphia Phillies out of High School in 1986 and played 4 years in Phillies Minor League System. Darrell has more than 15 years of College Recruiting Consulting and Advising for Parents & Players. he has Consulted with over 100+ College and Professional Pitchers. and he is the Owner of S.T.A.R.T.T. Pitching and theCreator of “The Strategic Pitcher Program”
They both also Co-Host of The Strategic Baseball Podcast.
On the show we go dive into what player development consists of, how to create strategic in game advantages, we talk game-planning, assessments and much, much more.
December 24, 2020  

Trevor Burmeister on technology, challenging training environments and constraints training

Today we have on Trevor Burmeister, MiLB hitting coach for the Colorado rockies.
Trevor started his coaching career at UW-La Crosse in 2014 as Outfield and Assistant Hitting Coach. In his second year at the school the team went on to take second place in the NCAA World Series.
The following season, Burmeister started pursuing his Master’s Degree at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and in his first season there, they also had the third best batting average and second best home run totals in NCAA DII.
Before getting hired by the Rockies, Trevor was an assistant coach at Madison College. And In 2019 he was named the NJCAA Division II Assistant Coach of the Year by the ABCA and Baseball America
on the show, we discussed how to best use technology, how to create a challenging training environment,  and Trevor goes in depth with implements and constraints training.
Old School vs New School
December 17, 2020  

Kyle Stark on coaching and feedback, culture and why conversations need to start with clarity, connectedness and consistency

On todays show we have on Kyle Stark who is a leadership and coaching consultant. Kyles went to ball state, got his law degree from Toledo but he always knew he wants to be in baseball, so much so that in grad school he also serves as the pitching coach for St. Bonaventure, where he got his masters in business administration. He started as an intern with the Cleveland Indians and then he was hired by the pirates and worked his way up to be the assistant GM until 2019. On the show we discuss coaching and feedback, we take a deep dive into culture and we discuss why conversations need to start with clarity, connectedness and consistency.
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December 10, 2020  

Bhrett McCabe on practical mental game strategies, classroom sessions and how we can coach in game strategy to players.

Today we have on Bhrett McCabe Clinical and Sports Psychologist. Bhrett has worked with professional athletes including 12+ PGA and LPGA Tour players whose rankings have reached #1 in the world. He has been a consultant and Sports Psychologist for The University of Alabama Athletic Department, working with all teams and coaching staffs and he has been a featured speaker to numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations.
On the show dive deep into his experiences at LSU playing for Skip Bertman, we go over practical mental game strategies, and we discuss "how to win awareness" which includes classroom sessions and how we can coach in game strategy to players. 
December 3, 2020  

Jim Maciejewski on building culture, how we can leverage social media as a celebration tool and keep alumni connected and what he has done differently because of the COVID pandemic.

Today we have on the Jim Maciejewski, Athletic Director/Head Baseball Coach at Mauldin HS in South Carolina.
Maj has been the head baseball coach at Mauldin since 2009, so we go over what building the culture over the last decade has looked like, we discuss how we can leverage social media as a celebration tool but also how to use it to keep alumni connected and we dive deep into what he has done differently because of the COVID pandemic.
November 26, 2020  

Dr. Andy Bass on how to integrate mindfulness into our practice sessions, how to allow some autonomy players, and how to implement game-like practices with feedback loops

Today we have on Andy Bass Coordinator of Mental Conditioning for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Andy has an awesome story, with playing professional baseball and developing the yips, then deciding he wanted to focus his attention onto helping players with the mental side by getting his advanced degrees in psychology and then motor learning.
On the show, we discuss how to integrate mindfulness into our practice sessions, we go over how to allow some autonomy players, we dive deep into game-like practices and feedback loops
Blackbox thinking- by Matthew Syed
Beartown- by Fredrick Backman
November 19, 2020  

Jeremy Sheetinger on competitions, classroom sessions, and how to teach the mental game

Today we have on Jeremy Sheetinger, head baseball coach at Georgia Gwinnett College. Sheets is by far one of the most popular baseball coaches in the world. After working for the American Baseball Coaches Association and running the podcast, he took the job at GGC last year. On the show we discuss what he has learned during the 4 years he stepped away from the field, and how he has implemented so much information into what they do at GGC. We go all in on competitions, classroom sessions, and how to teach the mental game. If you're looking for a copy/paste episode, sheets delivered. This episode is so good, and here is Jeremy Sheetinger!

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